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Music Services


As a logical add-on to orchestral recording, we providing following music services associated with accomplishing your main goal:


We are able to provide several types of music preparation.

Extracting and printing finished computer scores. You can send finished scores done in Sibelius, Finale or PDFs, by e-mail and we print them out for you in Moscow. We will print 2-3 copies of the full score and multiply individual parts accordingly orchestra formation.
We provide Midi file extraction and orchestration. You can send us your files done in Logic, Digital Performer or Cubase; we will import them in scoring program of your choice (Sibelius, Finale) then our orchestrators will write the music accordingly to what you specify, and send it to you for approval. Upon your approval, individual parts will be prepared, extracted, and printed for your session.
We can do copying from hand-written scores. If you have hand-written full score we will copy it in Sibelius or Finale, and extract individual parts for the session.
We can lift off from existing recording and recreate an arrangement that will fully match orchestration of music material that was sent to us.


In addition to contracting the orchestra, studio music preparation services, we also provide orchestration of your material done by world-renowned orchestrators. That could be handy for a number of reasons such as: you need to hire extra orchestrators to meet your deadline, you only write using computer and samplers or you have not written for an orchestra before.
We can work with basic piano sketch or almost fully realized orchestration presented in MIDI file format. Based on your directions well turn your material into great sounding orchestration for the orchestra of your desired format.Just make a call or send us an
email if you need more information.

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