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Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (formely Moscow Festival Orchestra) is another remarkable recording orchestra. This session orchestra responsible for hundreds of beautiful world class recording of various projects for clientele around the globe. The Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra consists of the best hand picked session players from a short-list of leading orchestras in Moscow. All musicians have years of experience in both disciplines: studio work as well as live performances. The Orchestra is equally vivid with different musical styles, from classical repertoire to contemporary film music. Designed as a studio recording orchestra, Moscow Studio Symphony is highly distinguished and a recognized world-class ensemble of talented and ambitious performers.

On many sessions with this orchestra you will find the studio floor is assembled almost entirely of principal players of famous Moscow orchestras. Itís hard to get any better than this. All of these aspects will guarantee the highest quality of your recording, which along with very competitive price policies of the Moscow Studio Symphony and flexible session formation of performers to suit you individual needs, makes this orchestra so attractive to work with. The present music director and chief executive of the Moscow Studio Symphony is Yuri Sazonoff. Mr. Sazonoff is the visionary producer in the field of orchestral recordings, with many years experience. He produced countless records with several orchestras in Russia and in Europe. His expertise as a recording producer and prominent composer lies in both musical and technical fields. Having him on the recording floor as producer or supervising your session and taking care of all your needs on both sides of the Atlantic, guarantees success for your project.

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