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Mosfilm Studios


Studio 1 has started its operation in 1991. It was designed and built by famous studio designer Tom Hidly with the participation of Swiss company Cinac Systems S. A.2006 the Control room has been fully redesigned with the assistance of English architect Roger D’Arcy and equipped with brand new 80 channel Solid State Logic XL9000K console with film scoring module. Besides overall redesign, the studio was fully equipped for mixing in 6.1 and got a new set of ATC loudspeakers and Prism Sound digital converters. This studio without any doubts is one of the most modern and upscale recording facilities in Europe suitable for large scale orchestral recordings. Studio floor has 2 iso-booths and accommodates large orchestras up to 140 musicians with a choir of 100 singers. Studio volume is 6300 mThe average reverberation time (RT 60) is about 1.8 seconds, perfect for symphony orchestras.

Studio 2 at Mosfilm is designed for Rock/Pop recording and can be used for solo overdubs as well as recording of small ensembles. This studio is equipped with an SSL 4040 G board, Protools HD with Apogee converters and all appropriate high end gear. This studio could be used for editing, mixing and is a perfect solution for budget sensitive music projects.

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