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Q. What is cost of travel to Moscow?
A. Cost of travel to Moscow not higher then travel to any other European city. We will look after all your travel arrangements and our travel agent can offer various scenarios suitable for you. Moscow is desirable tourist destination and is amongst most beautiful and upscale world capitals.

Q. Can your orchestra play to prerecorded click or overdub tracks that we provide.
A. Yes, our musicians accustom to play with the click, and studios can provide headphones for every player.

Q. Can we bring our own engineer?
A. Yes, you can bring you own engineer, or can use one of our engineers. They are very experienced in field of orchestral recording and use various recording techniques depend on studio, orchestra formation or requirements that you will provide.

Q. Can I conduct the orchestra myself?
A. Of course if you wish to do so, you can conduct, or you can concentrate on producing your score and make sure that music your are getting is great and let our conductors to do the job.

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